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Would improved access to capital enable you to further invest in the growth of your business? Government grants may be available provincially, regionally or nationally. Let's start your funding journey today...


 Matthew Pickup, Founder

Matthew Pickup, Founder

Many great ideas, many great minds, many great projects with impact potential fall short of their aims because of one shared barrier - access to capital.

The aim of Fosch Capital is to help businesses traverse a sea of funding programs, allowing them to focus on greatness within their core operations.

Working with local tech innovators and impact leaders, I have had the opportunity to see firsthand the amazing potential of building and growing an Atlantic Canadian business. I was also able to witness and be a part of the significant impact that grants and funding can have on new projects and the operation of a company as a whole.

Since 2013, Fosch Capital has been helping businesses access millions of dollars in funding. Let’s explore options for your business. (Click here)